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December 01, 2023

Baikonur cosmodrome tours

Join our group for the launch of Progress MS-25 cargo spacecraft in December 01, 2023. The cargo spacecraft Progress MS-25 will deliver on aloft more than 2,5 tones of different supplies.

December 21, 2023

Zero Gravity experience

Amazing zero-gravity flight onboard IL-76MDK huge airplane.

any day

Jet trainer flights

Flight programs on L-29 and L-39 jet trainers.

Space planetarium

You should not miss a chance to visit our famous Planetarium!

No doubt it won’t let you keep control of your emotions! It will make you find yourself under the sky full of stars in the middle of the day and learn certain methods of finding various constellations in the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere! Planetarium is intended to be used for cosmonaut training in the starry sky and practicing skills on running astronavigation and celestial orientation scenarios of the spacecrafts using nominal optical and visual devices.

GCTC Planetarium is not a standard planetarium; it is an astronavigation functional simulator. It was designed in 1985 based on the space planetarium. It includes the following facility and hardware:

  • planetarium;
  • computer controlling the training process;
  • crew capsule with real panels and hardware of the main spacecrafts used in Russian cosmonautics.

Space planetarium (medium ZEISS) is considered one of the main facilities for astronavigation training. It was put into operation in 1979. Planetarium has a room of 12.5 meter diameter and it projects stars up to 6.5 optical magnitude creating an illusion of watching the celestial sphere beyond the Earth atmosphere. This brings the perception of visual environment close to the conditions of observing the starry sky in a real space flight.

The astronavigation functional simulator allows not only to project the starry sky but also to simulate flight dynamics for various manned spacecrafts creating interactive constellations moving with real angular rates in the window field of view. It makes it possible to ensure astronavigation crew training using optical and visual devices under the conditions close to real space flight.

The number of visitors in one group should not exceed 30 people.

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