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December 01, 2023

Baikonur cosmodrome tours

Join our group for the launch of Progress MS-25 cargo spacecraft in December 01, 2023. The cargo spacecraft Progress MS-25 will deliver on aloft more than 2,5 tones of different supplies.

December 21, 2023

Zero Gravity experience

Amazing zero-gravity flight onboard IL-76MDK huge airplane.

any day

Jet trainer flights

Flight programs on L-29 and L-39 jet trainers.

Soyuz spacecraft simulator

Everyone has ever had a dream at least once in a life to go to space. At first sight, this childhood dream may only seem to be impossible. Our specialists will help you to get into the world of a real cosmonaut and to know what real spacecraft looks like - the spacecraft that takes into orbit not only Russian cosmonauts, but astronauts worldwide.

Today each of us has a unique chance not only to find oneself in the seat of a real cosmonaut, but to perform this precious flight practically, since every integrated simulator is designed as a complex half-full-scale model built of full-size mockups of Soyuz manned transport vehicle habitable compartments. It is not a computer game and not an entertaining mockup; it is a real spacecraft, exactly the same as the one taking cosmonauts to the International Space Station.

The simulator ensures model-based operation of all onboard systems and the motion of the spacecraft as well as the visual model of the environment observed by the crew through optical and television surveillance of the descent module.

If you decide to choose a simulation on Soyuz spacecraft integrated simulator you will get a full tutorial with leading specialists and instructors of Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center on the following flight stages:

  • Manually and automatically initiated off-nominal situations in all onboard systems;
  • Real-time and fast-forward (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1) simulation of real flight;
  • Crew operation and status monitoring using television system, voice communication and medical monitoring;
  • Recording of the training process followed by playback of its certain phases during the debrief;
  • Following specific spaceflight in real time;
  • Qualification simulation (12-hour non-stop run).

Two people can take part in the simulation at a time.

The integrated simulators of the spacecraft are intended to be used for crew training on controlling Soyuz manned transport vehicle during all flight stages such as:

  • Prelaunch preparation of the spacecraft;
  • Insertion;
  • Orbital maneuvering;
  • Rendezvous, final approach, docking, mated flight with the International Space Station;
  • Undocking from the International Space Station;
  • Re-entry;
  • Landing and postlanding closeout operations.

Have a question about training at Soyuz spacecraft simulator?

We'll be happy to advise on all issues regarding the organization of GCTC tour program at Star City.

Our company is the aerospace-oriented tour operator. Our staff is compriced by high perfers of space industry which personally took part in cosmonaut training. Deep knowledge of all peculiarities will help us to set up the optimal program and provide for you the most exciting impressions.

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